bakery products

tastes of tuscany

sweet bakery products

hand made

delicius and typical

premium selected ingredients

ancient recipes

preservatives free
additives free
high quality products
freshly baked everyday
always fresh and fragrant

soft and light, hand made following the traditional recipe

classic or with dark chocolate, flour, eggs, almonds and a drizzle of oil. The most classic tuscan biscuit.

A full and intense taste thanks to the quality of candied fruit, almonds and the balanced dosage of spices


A refined whim to be granted every time you want to share a moment of passion for good food, suspended between the simplicity and nobility of flavors made in Italy

They represent a poor dessert for the holidays, the flour is enriched with nuts, honey, candied fruit, anise and spices; to be enjoyed plain, hot or drenched in a good glass of red wine

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