Our products

free from preservatives and additives

our bread

a timeless bread,
The Verna Bread is just like the bread of Grandfather Pietro.

The ancient grain Verna,
cultivated and ground in Valdichiana, 

produces a unique flour solo con acqua e lievito madre, seguendo le lavorazioni tradizionali.

pizza and flatbread

two leavening for a unique pizza:

Un fiore all’occhiello: unicità di gusto e fragranza.
created following two leavevings:
the first one with mother yeast, on the day before baking,
the second one by making it leavening 4 to 5 hours,
after cutting the dough into "balls".
the pizza is finally put in the oven on the wood shovel for baking.

bakery products

every time of the day is just right for a little temptation:

In the sweets there is all the passion for life and for what we do; for this reason they are made with a few simple natural ingredients, such as butter, eggs, sugar and flour.

Verna-wheat Products

the selection of premium products made with
ancient Verna wheat flour from Tuscany:

our top quality products, will let you experience the old traditional tastes and fragrances, thanks to the flavour of this type of Tuscan wheat.