Bakers in the heart of Tuscany since 1948

a family story

In a fast society slow emotions have become exitinct,
but not for everyone it's the same...

Fin dai primi anni del secolo, la famiglia Menchetti, si dedica al commercio. Nel primo dopoguerra si registra la prima grande svolta dell’attività: E’ il 1948, e nel settembre di questo anno Angiolo e Santi riescono ad aprire un forno in proprio e a dedicarsi alla produzione. Sempre più conosciuto e apprezzato il “pane di Montagnano” si fa spazio sul mercato. Oggi siamo a Cesa in Valdichiana, a 3km da Montagnano, in uno stabilimento che ci permette di produrre qualità ed efficenza.


The earth is not ours, we just borrowed it
and we must preserve it for future generations

Always aware of our origins and the value that the land holds in our history and our future, we try to pay close attention to the environment. This is why we use green energy, recover rainwater and we try to reduce our environmental impact as possible. Hand over the planet to future generations intact and healthy is not just important, it must be for us a daily commitment.

menchetti's family farm

we cultivate our lands

To ensure the entire production chain "from farm to table" and to enhance the tradition of our Tuscan territory,
we cultivate our WHEAT with the care and passion that distinguishes us, in MENCHETTI's FARM (currently in organic conversion).


We believed in it and we were the first ones
to use this ancient type of wheat

It was early 2000s when a meeting between Uncle Luke and Peter Pagliuca (then director of the Consorzio Agrario di Siena was all), when everything started, in close collaboration with Professor Stephen Benedettelli (Department of Science and Environment of food and agriculture productions 'University of Florence).
The Verna wheat is an ancient variety.  We cultivate it in our farm, in our fields.  It is then stone ground, because this grinding at low speed keeps the wheat germ in the finished product and preserve a large amount of vitamins and minerals. It is rich in natural fibers.

the gastronomic offer

For every moment of the day there is a product
designed to satisfy the desire of something good.

Every moment of the day is just right for your appetite:
A dynamic environment, transversal and ageless,
where it is pleasant to spend some time.
An environment where the service undeniably become
an experience to try, try again and to recommend!