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Menchetti Green

Our path towards sustainability

Respect and attention for the environment

The earth is not ours,
we only loan it
and we have to preserve it
for future generations

Since the very beginning, aware of our origins and the value that the earth holds for our history and our future, we try to pay the utmost attention to the environment.

This is why we use green energy, recover rainwater and try to reduce our environmental impact as much as possible.

Delivering an intact and healthy planet to future generations is not only important; we must be daily committed instead.

Menchetti Green

✓ Organic agricultural company

The agricultural company
Azienda Agricola Menchetti


To guarantee the entire production chain "from field to table" and to enhance the tradition of our Tuscan territory.

In the MENCHETTI AGRICULTURAL COMPANY we produce organic crops with the care and passion that distinguish us. We grow the VERNA wheat, produce the oil from the olives of our land and use it to season the dishes we cook at our premises, and, from our vineyards, the “48” wine that is sold in our stores.

Verna Wheat

‟It was the early 2000s when everything began, from a meeting between Uncle Luca and Pietro Pagliuca, then Director of the Agrarian Consortium of Siena. It was also thanks to the collaboration with Professor Stefano Benedettelli (Department of Agri-Food and Environmental Production Sciences of the University of Florence) that WE STRONGLY BELIEVED IN THE REUSE OF THIS WHEAT.„

Marco e Corrado Menchetti

Verna is the name of a variety of wheat, much appreciated in the past for its great rustic flavour, but then forgotten for many years because of its less productive yield compared to the modern varieties. Ancient wheats show a strong link with the territory and its traditions and contribute to the foundations of a balanced diet.

At the family organic farm, we produce a large part of the Verna Wheat that we use in our products, and this type of wheat is stone ground to keep the wheat germ inside the finished product and preserve its characteristics. We obtain a type 2 or a "semi-whole" flour that is naturally rich in fiber.

A lifestyle

Verna wheat gives the products
a strong hint of wheat
and a rustic flavor to the preparations.

Verna Bread

This is our grandfather’s bread, our family’s roots.

Our Grandfather Pietro used to make bread with Verna wheat flour, grown in Valdichiana, with mother yeast.

We have gone back and rediscovered traditions and what our family has handed down to us: we have rebuilt the beam, we have studied the long leavening times, the preservation of the yeast for subsequent processing, we have stone ground the Verna wheat and have proposed a strictly wood-oven baked process.

With patience and passion, we have recreated this extraordinary timeless bread, which revives the fragrances of the past and can be enjoyed in all its goodness for many days.

Verna Line

In addition to its daily use in bread, pizzas, focaccia and snacks, we also produce a line of packaged sweet and savory products.

Premium products designed to revive all the flavors and fragrances of the past.